January 29, 2020

Interview with the Director

Today, we sit down with Samantha Glass, the director of The Way PDO and Preschool to learn about where the program came from, and where it's headed.

Interview with Samantha Glass - Director of The Way PDO and Preschool

Four years ago, The Way PDO and Preschool opened its door to our first students. 

It was much smaller back then, with just a few kids, but it started to grow quickly, and now we have over 70 students and ten teachers. 

Let's learn more about this program from the director herself.   

Meet the Director Sam Glass. 

She is a wife, a mother to her 17-year-old son, and the founder of The Way PDO and Preschool.

Mrs. Glass is an original member of The Way Church and a previous children's minister.  You can find her in the office or in a classroom.

She is an educator, the principal, the one that pays the bills, and a sounding board for every teacher and parent concern. 

You can see her passion and dedication toward God, her church, and her PDO kids.

samantha glass director the way pdo preschool
samantha glass director the way pdo preschool

The Interview

Here is the text from our interview:

Thank you, Mrs. Sam, for talking to me today. My big question is, why did you want to start PDO?

“It was really a need of a friend and some mothers in the church. They were looking for places for their children, and the other options either did fit or were full. The Way Church had just moved into this new building, and we had the room to dream.”

You are teaching children, but What have you learned from starting this business and personally?

As far as working in childcare, I have learned there is not a one size fits all program, and growing pains in a business are normal. Personally, my love of God has grown through serving these children and their parents."

Four years and still growing. What are your dreams for this program? Goals?

I am so proud of our four years. We are always growing, adding classrooms and age groups; we now take infants to 4 years old. We just started our own curriculum; we are focusing on getting our kids ready for school. I would like to continue to grow and one day have our own PDO building. I would love to get more parents and families involved with our church, and I would like to pour more into our staff for everything they do.”

The Way PDO and Preschool has become one of the leading Parents Day Out programs in the Denham springs area. What do you think has parents choosing you to watch their children?

“Our hours and that we are a learning program are key factors. It is a privilege every time a parent chooses to enroll their children. That they choose us to help guide their children in knowledge and towards God is a responsibility that I never take lightly.”

The Way PDO and Preschool was created to fulfill a need in the Livingston parish community. The parents, students, and teachers are the reason the doors open each day. Congratulations to The Way Church PDO and Preschool on four years and many more to come.

Article written by Jessica Pitts-Schisler
Hi, I’m Jessica, and I’m from Ocean Springs, MS. This is my first year as an employee but my second year as a parent in the program.
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