December 9, 2020

Security Cameras and Daycares Go Together Like PB&J

Daycares and security cameras go together like PB&J. Read this article to learn why we have security cameras installed in our Denham Springs daycare and preschool.

Why Security Cameras and Daycares Go Together

In recent times, an increasing amount of daycares have begun putting security cameras in their facilities. These cameras give parents and staff better peace of mind. In this post, we'll be discussing why security cameras and daycares go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Ready, Set, let's Go!

Benefits of Security Cameras in Daycares

Security cameras are an excellent way to ensure both staff and students' safety at a child care center. They allow the staff to be able to know that all children are where they should be, and outsiders aren't where they shouldn't.

Although rare, and certainly not at The Way PDO and Preschool, security cameras provide visual evidence if daycare staff abuses or neglects children.

security camera preschool denham springs

Merely knowing that security cameras are on them ensures that all teachers and personnel are on their best behavior all the time. In some cases, just having the cameras can change the attitude of a staff member as well.

In an unfortunate event at a daycare, childcare, or learning center of any abuse or neglect of the children, security cameras will know. They can provide evidence of any of those things happening or not happening. This certainly offers peace of mind to everyone involved in a child's care.

Yet another perk of the security cameras in your learning center is for professional development. Directors or Owners can periodically use the footage to further any training or education of the childcare center's employees.

Any events (good or not so great) can be used to develop new training techniques or suggest new rules for the center.

With security cameras, daycare centers hope their enrollments will rise as parents and guardians know that all events are recorded.

Security cameras can even capture some unexpected surprises.

A school security camera captures the moment a young girl learns she & her siblings are being adopted. ❤️ More:

— NBC DFW (@NBCDFW) October 11, 2017

Security cameras are never within reach of the children or staff and therefore are protected from any accidental or purposeful tampering. 

Here at The Way Church PDO and Preschool, our camera footage is only available for review by our Director in charge. This prevents instances of footage not recording certain areas or being lost or stolen.

How we use our Security Cameras

Our Director or Director in charge has live access to all childcare areas throughout the day. This means that a close eye can be kept on all the center's daily goings-on at any point during the day.

denham springs preschool video camera

Our footage is stored in a cloud-based program and can only be accessed by our Director when the need arises. 

We can quickly review any footage should the need arise.

Having access to this footage without needing to contact a third party is vital. Should any need to view the footage occur, we can do so within minutes.

The Way PDO and Preschool does not share any footage of our center with anyone else.

Some centers have systems where parents or guardians can log in remotely and check in on their little ones. We weighed this decision thoroughly before deciding against it.

We believe that the privacy of each child is essential. We recognize some families are not comfortable with other families viewing their child as well as their own.

While we certainly don't look down upon other centers choosing that option, it was not what we felt was best for our program.

How to choose a system and who we use

There are many things to think about when looking to install security cameras in your learning center:

  • You will need to research companies available for your location and what your budget will allow.
  • Make sure to find out how you will access your footage and how your files of footage are stored. In some cases, only specific amounts of data are kept until it records over.
  • Remember that you are recording some of life's most precious gifts, and their privacy is of utmost importance. 
  • Some companies charge monthly fees and will allow you to pay for your equipment and labor for installing the cameras in multiple payments.
  • Doing so can help ease the burden of start-up costs.
  • Always check your local reviews for the company you are researching.

You don't want to end up in a contract with someone delivering less than impeccable service.

custom security systems denham springs daycareThe Way PDO and Preschool currently has service with Custom Security LLC located here in Denham Springs, LA.

They have been very easy to use and worked seamlessly with us to get us up and running.

They even spent some extra time with our Director on using the monitoring portion.

All of their staff are thoroughly vetted with background checks as well.

If we ever need in-person technical help during school hours, we are confident in having them come to our center.

We researched quite a few companies and consulted with other daycares in Denham Springs with security cameras and came to the best decision we could.

In today's world, having security cameras in a daycare or learning center a must.

However, there aren't nearly as many preschool facilities installing security cameras as daycare centers.

We are glad to cover both. 

If you're considering daycares and preschools in Denham Springs, come see what The Way is all about. 

Contact us for your special tour.

Article written by Samantha Glass
Samantha Glass is the director at The Way PDO and Preschool. She has been with the program since it started in 2016, working hands-on in the classroom as well as directing the program.
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