Preparing Your Child For Preschool

Our proven checklist to get your child ready for preschool.

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So you are ready for your toddler or child’s first day of preschool...but are they ready to say good bye?

Here are a few things that you can do to start getting them ready beyond the basics of packing lunch and buying supplies.

Make and Accept changes

Change is hard for everyone, however change is a necessary part of life.

Try to embrace the positive side of change, maybe rearrange furniture in your kids room, or try an activity like a picnic or camping for the first time.

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Introduce routines

Your child will have to follow routines and rules at preschool.  New morning routines will be made at home, and maybe the first time for a set bedtime at home. Help your child get ready for preschool by setting and sticking to these new routines at home.  Read to your child. There is a direct link between the daily bedtime story from birth to 11 years and success in education.

Read books! 

Go on small outings and/or attend playgroups

Playgroups are great ways for children to interact with peers and other adults. 

Children love to pretend play!

Spend time participating in storytime at the local library.

Activities like this are great for encouraging children to practice sitting calmly and interact in a respectful way.  With these skills down, once your child starts school, they will be a blessing to their preschool teacher.

Plus, outings expose them to new people and environments. And will have them ready to go once school starts.

Play, Play, Play

Play is important! 

The more play the better, especially if they are interacting with other people. 

It is a good idea to not let your child win all the time.

Playing games can teach them resilience and respect that comes from losing, and winning.

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Learn to Share

Your child will soon be where they have to learn to wait their turn.  Teach your child that they have to share attention with others. Sharing objects, space and time is a large part of preschool. Try practicing turn taking, and give praise when they wait their turn patiently.

Cleaning Up

Cleaning up a mess they’ve made themselves helps develop your preschooler’s sense of responsibility.  Teach them in small steps to put away their toys and tidy up. You can make this chore fun or into a game racing a clock.

Working on self-help skills

Preschool fosters independence. 

Because this is a critical time in child development, work on skills like

  • washing hands
  • using the toilet
  • putting on shoes and socks
  • putting on jackets
  • using utensils

Practicing these skills is an amazing way to help boost their confidence.

Preschool is such a fun time, children are natural learners they want to know everything. That is why they ask 200 questions before breakfast. Use your child’s exploration and question asking to help prepare and excite them for a lifetime of learning.

And parents, your baby is a big kid now

Starting preschool is a big deal. Don’t forget about yourself.  Take the time to get to know your child’s preschool teacher. Yes, parents have to prepare for preschool too!  



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